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Unexpected Beginnings

Lyfe of Y was born out of a passion for helping others and a need to redefine my future. I spent years building a successful legal career, first as a litigator and then as a compliance officer and general counsel for two publicly traded companies. By all standard societal measures – title, compensation, accolades – I was successful. But I wasn’t happy.

So, I took a risk. The company I represented graciously allowed me time to retreat, reflect, and reassess the future. For the first time in more than a decade, I gave myself privilege of focus.


I made a quick decision that I wanted to revisit my zest for education. I became a certified coach and speaker through The John C. Maxwell Team’s world-renowned training program. I started hosting mastermind groups, speaking at various events, and coaching individuals to help them maximize their potential.

In the meantime, I used my new forum as an avenue to raise money for Pencils of Promise, a for-purpose, non-profit committed to building schools around the world. At the time of this writing, we’ve funded a complete school build in Guatemala and Laos. The Lyfe of Y community helped provide educational opportunities around the world while bettering themselves through our programming. Can you say WIN/WIN?

Does this mean you have to leave your career like I did? Of course not! For some, it’s remembering why they started in the first place. For others, it’s receiving the necessary coaching so they can break free from the crowd and fully excel in their current environment. Everyone is different and there’s a unique solution for each scenario. I pride myself in an individualized approach.

I want to see people of all ages ditch “ordinary” and replace it with extraordinary. I can help you live a more energized and fulfilled lyfe. At home. At work. In your communities. Everywhere.


Ultimately I believe that by helping each individual feel more positive and fulfilled in their work, home lyfe, or in their leadership ability, it makes for a better and stronger community where everyone can benefit.

Have you provided yourself with privilege of focus lately? Are you ready to ditch ordinary, to intentionally change your present course? Finding purpose, becoming disciplined, and gaining positive momentum takes work. It’s simple, but not easy. I’ve lived it and I’m confident I can help you climb that mountain.

My passion is real and it shows clearly in my work. If you’re ready to make a change, I’m prepared to help guide you on your personal lyfe trek.